If You Oppose Obama, You Are………

September/15/2010 16:24PM
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According to Sharpton, you are simply a racist. It is a given. If you don’t believe America should become France or Cuba, and want Obama to stop taking us there you are a racist. Here are the rules. To avoid being a racist, one must agree with everything President Obama proposes, support him and endorse him. I guess 55% of the US population is racist by those rules.

According to the media, if you don’t support Obama you are just plain ignorant. In 1984 when the Republicans took over Congress Peter Jennings said the public was behaving like angry second graders. If you listen carefully you will hear the echoes of that every time the media addressing the upcoming blood bath in November. The public who opposes Obama and wants to strip him of power to keep doing what he is doing is unenlightened. This group is not ivy educated, urbane, and Hollywood cool. Otherwise, you would know we really want to be liberal, progressive, and France or Cuba. The media that gets paid to be unbiased and to elucidate complex issues can’t explain why we want this, they just know. The mainstream media learned this at the knees of the academics. Most of us outgrow the crap we were fed at university, but media types seem to suffer from retarded growth. Like Notre Dame alumni and their football, they remain eternal sophomores.

If you oppose Obama you are anti-environmental. That per the ardent tree huggers. They really put this guilt trip on the soccer moms. The biggest high-mileage group short of over the road truckers. The soccer moms vie for the biggest vans and SUV’s, but the buy the green crap from Obama. It’s sad to watch you good ladies destroy your kid’s futures over a needless guilt trip that you only support at the voter booth.

If you oppose Obama, you are anti-labor. I am anti-labor so I’ll step up and admit that one. Labor run amok is is a race with environmental excess to see which can destroy the country first. So, stand tall and say screw the union label.

If you oppose Obama, you are not charitable. This by the one of six Americans today who get some form of assistance from the government. They want and need your tax dollars because the world has not been fair.

If you still support Obama, pick your group. If you are teetering, ask yourself if you really buy the cubbyhole you fall into. If you’ve dumped Obama, don’t let the Democrats, Obama, the media, the tree huggers, the unions, or the downtrodden make you feel guilty. If you keep hanging with him, you may find yourself in that downtrodden category.

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