Green Jobs

September/10/2010 16:13PM
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Let me make this clear. The favorite phrase of the bobble head president as he reads those words so well from his teleprompter. Finger pointing. Dripping with stern sincerity. This man must be giving us the truth as gospel. Green jobs are the future of America. In the next few years we will create millions of new green jobs. Let me make this clear.

When I heard the great Doctor Chu, fellow Nobelist of the great President Obama, was named to head the DOE, I questioned the call. When I heard he had $50 billion to spend on green energy, I questioned whether he could spent that budget. Not that Chu can’t give millions to fellow academicians to waste, he can and is. He probably has never managed a budget greater than a few million. He is an academic equivalent of a community organizer.Zero real world experience.

To spend $50 billion on new energy options in a year one has to be really organized. No one in Silicone Valley can come up with $50 billion in worthy new ventures for capital investment in a year. They just aren’t out there. If you go to fast you get sloppy and invest in bad ideas.

Thank God for Chu’s ineptitude. He has spent roughly $6 billion of the $50 billion.

This explains why the great campaigner goes to a little plant in Wisconsin that makes very few batteries for electric cars to showcase his green jobs success. There is no success. And, unless Chu throws the money down the rat hole, there will be none.

The ignorance of the public allows the perpetrators of green jobs to succeed. We want alternatives to oil. We have been told by every president since Jimmy Carter that they are out there. We have allowed billions to be spent of a useless Department of Energy and investments in failures. It may be cheaper to cure cancer than create green jobs.

Still with incessant pounding by the inane mainstream media, we keep buying the snake oil.

Chu’s excuse for not spending more. He doesn’t have enough people So we will hire a few more government workers, over pay them, over benefit them, keep them for life, let them not show up for work, and help Chu spend his $50 billion.

You see the problem. It’s not Obama, it’s not Chu, it’s you. You keep buying this baloney. Until you say enough, the charade will go on. 

Want a sample of what type of people we have making critical decisions in Congress today? Go to the link, below.

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