Daddy Warbucks, Scrooge McDuck and Obama

September/21/2010 16:27PM
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President Obama is about to lose his big plan to only renew the Bush tax cuts on upper income citizens. His Stimulus Bill waste of $800 billion will insure that will happen. His Democratic counterparts are running scared and running away from him.

Even what he once called called the small people, even before the Chairman of BP used that term, those Bible thumping gun holding fools get it. They know that re-branding the Bush tax cuts to the Obama tax cuts is just another arrogant ploy. They understand it isn’t the government’s money, it’s the taxpayer’s money. The government has no right to take it. They know there is far more than $700 billion in expense cuts in the bloated Obama government that could be made in lieu of a tax increase. Further, they trust Scrooge McDuck and Daddy Warbucks to use the money they don’t pay in taxes more productively than Obama.

A big chunk of the Stimulus money was spend in the Beltway. Consultants, lawyers, and cronies got it. The average person dislikes the Beltway types more than Warbucks and McDuck.

Warbucks and McDuck will invest the money. Invest it in business or spend it for items that generate more business. More investment in business means more jobs. More jobs is good. Invest it in government and you don’t get more jobs. Or, you get more government jobs. The average Joe hates government workers more than Beltway types. We all go to the Post Office or the License Bureau. I just went to the latter this week to get my driving license renewed.

I witnessed a great process. One lady only could take money. She decided to be a good employee and handle an applicant. The applicant couldn’t speak English. With an interpreter getting a 5 minute questionnaire filled out took 20 minutes backing up the line to pay by 20 people. The guy who put blank licences in the machine was in the back. They ran out. He took 10 minutes to fill the machine. In any normal business, everyone would take money, everyone could fill the bland machine and 5 people could to away and the lines would move faster. Not in a government office.

So, the people don’t want the Bush tax cuts to go away. Obama has done everything he can do to ignore the will of the people. Health care reform, stimulus bill, Arizona law, pushing cap and trade, and pushing card check. The Democrats up for election have had enough.

Obama and Pelosi won’t get their way on this one. It’s pretty bad when the man on the street trusts the very rich more than they trust their government. Take a bow Daddy Warbucks and Scrooge McDuck, someone made you look good after all these years.

One can only hope the ghosts of Christmases Past will visit the White House this year.

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