Colbert Addresses Congress

September/27/2010 16:34PM
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Stephen Colbert, the clown from Comedy Central, addresses a Congressional Hearing speaking for migrant workers. He spent one day on a farm and that qualifies him to address congress. Who was the clown? Colbert or the circus that passes for congress these days.

Congress is too busy to address the Bush tax cuts, but they have time to let a comedian to address them. Why not, they have a comedian as a senator.

How stupid are these people? The Democrats are about to lose the House, approval ratings are nearing zero, and they keep doing stuff like this. Is it arrogance or ignorance? Or, both?

Still, the media, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Old Guard are fretting over the qualifications of Christine O’Donnell. All she would need is the common sense to know that having a comic address an official Congressional Committee is a bad idea. Doesn’t take much to make positive changes when you have sunk so low.

Who is next to testify at hearings? Pee Wee Harman on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Nick Cage(bankrupt) on Economic Recovery? Bernie Madoff on Financial Reform?

This whole country is upside down. Congress is investigating steroids in baseball. Listening to comics at official hearings. Delaying ethics investigations. Postponing action of taxes that are freezing progress with business. Homeland security is only deporting illegal immigrants with criminal record and letting those without go free. Behind the backs of congressmen.

I agree with whomever said you could pick 600 names at random from the Boston telephone book and have a better group of lawmakers. The common sense index would double.

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