Steve Wynn Speaks About Government

August/13/2010 16:41PM
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Steve Wynn blasts our current government. Speaking as a businessman who is moving more and more operations overseas, he explains Washington from the perspective of a big risk-taken who usually wins. 

Here’s Steve’s video.

More and more business people are joining the ranks of Steve Wynn. Donald Trump has spoken more often lately about the problems in Washington.  He is more political and less direct than Wynn, but he is upset with the spending.

It is interesting to see someone like Wynn get on a soapbox. 

The party in Washington that Glen Beck is holding on 8/28/10 is building momentum. According to Beck there are no available rooms in or around Washington on either side of that date. Supposedly, over 20,000 people are coming by bus from Pittsburgh alone.

Will the media cover this event? Remember the first Tea Party protests on 4-15-09? Almost no media coverage. 

Obama and the Democrats passed out another 26 billion of our dollars this week to buy votes. How many votes will that get them vs. votes it loses them? They cut food stamps by $11 billion to cover this. That could cost some votes. 

Every day it looks more and more like the country is done with Obama. People like Steve Wynn are done.

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