One and Done

August/28/2010 16:28PM
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Even David Letterman, the late night left wing lug nut and sexual harasser, the guy who told Bush jokes until last week, lest he upset Obama, threw in the towel. His joke this week, Obama is on vacation, his 7th since he became president, he will be on vacation full time after his one-term as president. Wow, that must hurt Obama.

I have never seen a man more unhappy in his job than Obama. No wonder he’s on vacation so much, he hates his job.

Obama can’t handle any kind of criticism. He is going to get a daily dose from now until 2012. Some Democrats running for election this fall are running ads that they don’t agree with their president. How bad is that? When the Democrats lose the house and maybe the senate this fall, Obama will get the full blame. From the Democratic Party, the media, and the far left. It will be brutal. If he loses both the House and the Senate some of his prize projects the past 18 months may be revoked or dismantled. Like Health Care, the Stimulus bill, and the Arizona lawsuit. Gitmo will go on. There will be a new Attorney General and trials will not be in NYC. The Arizona lawsuit will be dropped.

He will be a man without a party, without a legacy, and without much pride. A second term will not be an option, by his own volition. He will have had enough.

Combine an unhappy man in a job he doesn’t like and can’t do with derision and daily criticism and you have a job opening.

He will be known as the worst president in our history, worse than Jimmy Carter and that says a lot.

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