Obama’s Achilles Heel

August/01/2010 16:06PM
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When your favorite pronoun is “I” and you are on TV every day, you stack up a lot of promises. There is no prioritization between your promise to close Gitmo and your promise to win in Afghanistan. Hundreds of promises made, few kept. Beginning with Gitmo.

Of those few kept, most are not popular. You did health care reform, but the majority of the public is unhappy about that. You did the stimulus deal, but it didn’t work. You made another of those big promises ” unemployment will be below 8%” if we do the stimulus. You did financial reform. This was really twofold. First, to show you were stomping on Wall Street. Second, to protect Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and your party from more debate about Freddie and Fannie and their roles in the financial mess. Won’t work. The end result will be millions in campaign contributions to the Republican Party from the business community and drips to the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, the war in Afghanistan is going south. And, you are out campaigning again. In a campaign, the truth rarely means anything. But, for a sitting president who’s next campaign is months away, voters keep score. Your themes remain old, stale, and stilted. Blame Bush for everything. Talk about jobs saved. No one is buying that, Mr. President. There have been jobs lost and billions spent. It just doesn’t play, but you keep dragging it out.

There you have it, Mr. President. You are like Al Hirt, blowing your horn every hour, every day. I did this, I will do this, I plan to do this, I, I, I , and more I. But, you haven’t done the important things the voters want done. They want jobs and they are done blaming Bush for that. They want spending under control and you want more spending. They want something done to reduce the influx of illegals and you sue Arizona. By the way, remember when you said you would hunt down Bin Laden, how’s that going?

Al Hirt makes beautiful music. But, you Mr. President are simply a blow hard and the people are on to you. For the next few months you might want to keep a lower profile. Maybe even find a cave, like Bin Laden and head there for a while. The public is tired of your face, your “I”‘s, and your broken promises.

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