Obama Does Have Cajones

August/12/2010 16:48PM
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You are wrong Governor Palin, President Obama does have cajones. Look what he has done to America in just 18 months.

He blew nearly $2 billion under the so-called Stimulus Bill to pay off everyone his Democratic colleagues wanted to re-pay.

He put through the Health Care Bill. A bill that will always be known as the most divisive bill in the history of this country.

He almost put through Cap and Tax( it passed the House), a bill that would have exceeded the divisiveness of the Health Care bill. Undaunted he is using the EPA to do most everything that would have been done with cap and tax using the regulatory power.

He took over two car companies. And handed them over to the UAW. He put the screws to the investors and the retired salaried workers. He has declared mission accomplished. Let’s see.

He took the financial community to the woodshed and passed an abortion of a financial reform bill numbering another 2,400 pages that he nor any Democrat or the two Republicans who voted for it ever read. No one really knows the implications of the bill. One this is sure, t he government can take over any company they don’t like. And, he did this without mention of Freddie and Fannie, and even named it the Dodd-Frank Bill. The two gentlemen most responsible for the financial meltdown.

He did all this despite watching his approval ratings drop below his age on this week’s birthday(49). He did it while congress dropped to 11%.

He tried to do card check for the labor unions. So many of our problems from the local level to the national level can be traced to labor unions it sure makes sense to compound problems. Especially if you owe your political fortunes to unions.

Then, there’s your issue, Sarah Palin. The Arizona problem. The President has no agenda but to give 100% amnesty to the illegals here. He sees them as 12 million votes. He doesn’t care about the collateral damage. he doesn’t care that over 60% of America is in favor of the Arizona law.

Using Rahmbo, he juggled the census. He insulted all white cops by convicting the Cambridge cop with zero evidence. He wanted to try terrorists in New York City. He insulted America all over the world. He ignores the Black Panther problem in St. Louis. He kisses the rings of such esteemed foreign leaders like the Saudi Prince and Chavez.

He wipes his feet daily on the Constitution. He is on TV hourly. He blames Bush for everything. He cares not about the truth.

Sarah, this man has cajones. That’s not his problem. He has absolutely no common, sense, poor advisers, no experience, no capacity to listen, can’t bring any group together, no conscience, suffers from egomania, and doesn’t suffer criticism. That’s not an inventory one would want to see to describe a leader.

His cajones will insure the Democrats lose the House and many the Senate and most Governorships in November. And, that he will be a one-term president who is considered worse than Carter. Maybe if Michelle took him to the veterinarian for a snip like she did with Bo, things would be better for everyone.

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