Janet Napolitano is at it Again

August/04/2010 16:17PM
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How many passes can the Director of Homeland Security get?

In her confirmation hearings she refused to utter the word terrorist. She coined a phrase man-caused disaster.

Then someone in her department sent a memo to all law enforcement agencies warning that military returning from Iraq and Afghanistan might pose a threat for terrorist activities.

Then the famous words in the failed Christmas Day bombing in Detroit interview. Everything worked perfectly.

Then she stopped work on the border fence.

Now, in the same week that an illegal with two drunk driving convictions, driving drunk yet again, kills a nun and puts two more in the hospital with serious injuries, a secret memo from her department is disclosed.

It seems four people from her department of immigration wrote a memo looking at ways to give all illegals amnesty without congressional approval. Republican senators are asking for a hearing on this.

Circumventing congressional approval is one of the few talents Obama possesses. He has the EPA, in effect, implementing cap and tax without congressional approval. Why not try giving 10-20 million illegals amnesty based on his blessing using a dolt like Napolitano to take the fall if it implodes?

This is just Chicago politics. When Mayor Daley got concerned about Meigs Field after 9-11 and he was getting objections from several fronts, he had it bulldozed in the dark of night. Papal politics. He had no right, legal or otherwise, to destroy a city airport but he did.

Obama sees himself as a Daley or a Pope. So, why not grant papal amnesty to illegals? When you are at a 41% approval rating, you need 10-20 million votes quickly.

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