Gulf Oil Spill and Global Warming

August/07/2010 16:08PM
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Carol Browner announced that 75% of the oil from the BP accident in the Gulf is gone. Remember the scientists who went on record to warn that this would be with us for years? Tony Hayward got fired for several comments, but one was when he said the Gulf was a big body of water and it would accommodate the oil quickly. Browner gave the government most of the credit. She said it was their response that made this happen. Distorting recent history is harder than distorting old history.

For the most part, the government obstructed the cleanup. They fought the use of dispersant’s. They fought the help from foreign countries. They fought the burning of the oil. Now, Browner says it was the use of fire and dispersant’s that helped the outcome. BP hired the boats, led the clean-up, and used the fire and dispersant’s.

Taking a bow for the work of others seems a trademark of the Obama administration. Blaming others when it goes wrong is another.

Our economic woes are all the fault of Bush. But, Obama took a bow this week for leaving Iraq in a timely fashion. This is the Senator who voted against the surge. It was Bush’s war. It was Bush’s decisions that allow Obama to take the Bush bow.

All the problems with the Gulf spill were BP problems. But, the government failed to make safety inspections. That, of course, was a Bush problem. Only a low-level employee of the Obama administration got the axe.

The “sky is falling” academic experts predicted Armageddon from the oil spill. While it is a huge catastrophe, it is far less onerous than the “global warming” experts predicted. There is a lesson here. The media supports Obama regardless of what he does. The media supports climate change regardless of the science.

It’s time to start putting some of these pieces together and think for ourselves. The biggest act by Obama was to put thousands of oil workers on the unemployment line. To send rigs to other parts of the world, rigs that may never be back for months or years.

Bad decisions by politicians are excused away by blaming others with support from a biased media. Good decisions are claimed by the same people who make bad decisions, supported by a biased media.

We will need the oil we are losing by the Obama decision to stop Gulf drilling. Rest assured he will never get the blame for that.

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