Four Trillion and Counting

August/22/2010 16:44PM
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The deficit for 2009, Obama’s first year, plus 2010, and the forecast for 2011 will be over $4 trillion. This is what happens when we put a community organizer in the presidency. For this we get zilch. The unemployment is up. The GDP is stagnant. The blame is still being assigned to Bush. The economy is locked up because businesses are worried about Obama’s next punitive action. The tea party has it right.

The first order of business is to get the Democratic control of Congress behind us. Their only answer to every problem is more spending, bigger government, higher salaries for government workers, bigger unions, more regulation, less energy, and truly bankrupting this country. This isn’t about partisan politics it’s about survival. Survival for our kids and grand kids. This isn’t about patriotism or activism, it’s a duty every common-sense American must do. It’s necessity.

If we don’t get off our butts and get rid of the current direction the present congress is taking, we will lose big-time. We can be in a hole our country can’t dig ourselves out of in your lifetime.

Dreamers and fools keep telling us about the exciting green energy future. What will it look like? It will look like poverty. It won’t happen, and the loss, like the fiscal dreamers legacy, will be devastating. More unemployment. Less national GDP, a smaller, poorer nation. We can’t play catch-up when we don’t have sufficient energy to run our businesses, heat and light our homes, and defend our country.

The talking heads, the university professors, the Hollywood actors, the uber rich, and the elitist progressives are not the people who should be making big decisions for our country. They are as well grounded as having a community organizer for president. They don’t represent the majority of the populace. They live in NYC and California, Washington state, and Oregon. They live in a world that does not touch commerce, jobs, global business, or any of the engines that drive our society. They have a vision of this country that can’t and won’t be met.

Time is running out on us on many fronts. The four years of Obama will be the most devastating years in our nation’s history. The damage he is doing and will do may be irreversible. The clock is ticking and we must make sure he can’t continue his agenda for the next two years. We must find alternative leadership that doesn’t exist today in either party.

My generation has an obligation to put time, money, and effort into stopping the insanity. We failed our kids and grand kids and we need to start repairing the damage we’ve done. We must get back in touch with reality. Fiscal reality, regulatory reality, energy reality, size of government reality, spending reality, and return to the direction that made us what we were.

Otherwise, we will find ourselves in the long list of nations that rose and fell in dominance.


Taxachusetts once again leading the nation on health care reform. A few relevant facts.

Small businesses are dropping insurance for their employees in record setting numbers, at a rate not seen by the brokers who normally put together their plans. One local Early Learning Child Care Center (aka day care) covered 13 employees. Had 17-18 percent premium raises every year for the past three. Was paying $30,000 quarterly on the insurance, now pays the state a fine of $1,500 quarterly. Do the math, they did. The employees now on the state run plan, which doesn’t charge enough to recoup the cost, being kept afloat through “stimulus” and other federal pork dollars.

State insurance comish is trying to hold the line on excessive premium increases this year (after three years of “Let them eat cake”). Hard to get exact figures, but it appears they think “only” 8 – 12 % increases are so much better. (Curiously, the Gov is a huge BHO buddy and just happens to be in a tight race against a former state insurance comish … purely a coincidence, I’m sure).

My wife works at a community hospital, not for profit, one of the states Top 100 Best places to work. Their biggest insurer tried to get them to accept less money this coming year, but with tough negotiating, the administrators managed to keep the same reimbursement. Of course, medicare is flat this year, too, because there is “no inflation” during the great Recession … yeah, right!

Four out of five of the state’s biggest not-for-profit hospitals have double digit losses from last year, due to the increased use of services, the lack of decrease projected in the use of emergency rooms, and the low reimbursment rates from insurance companies (guess they are padding their warchests and not passing the 18% premium increases along to the folks they pay, shocking!!!)

I’m with one advertiser I see on Fox lately, “No pensions for politicians”. Let’s remove the financial incentive for these “lifers” to want the job, and truely make it public service, so they feel our pain, too.

Until then, throw the bums out, every last one. I for one am voting anit-incumbent in November, pro-fiscal conservative (if I can find any).
Doug Gordon

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