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August/18/2010 16:25PM
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The Sunday Chicago Tribune headline spoke of the problems of the rooftop seats in the buildings behind the outfield wall at Wrigley Field. We seem to have many issues in our world today. But, what once called itself ,”The World’s Greatest Newspaper”, has become a local version of US Magazine. Fully half of the paper is devoted to ads for automobiles.

Let’s see what could the Tribune have for a headline. Over the weekend President Obama made a speech endorsing the Muslim Mosque near the site of the World Trade Center. Then, he reversed that hours later.

Illinois is going broke. Unemployment is near the worst in the country. State politics are corrupt. Mayor Daley and Michael Madigan run the state. Madigan runs a committee that establishes the tax code for the state. Then, his law firm works with clients to find loopholes in the codes he establishes. The ex-governor is waiting for the jury to render a verdict on his trial. The state retirement fund for state employees is going broke. The state can’t pay anyone, even tax rebates for 2009.

But, no, the big story for Sunday, August 15, 2010 is rooftop seats at Wrigley Field. The Cubs stink. But, they will draw 3 million fans in a bad economy. What a problem.

This headline reflects the sad state of journalism in this country. Investigative journalism is a lost art today. No jounalist will investigate anything that might hurt the Progressive cause they support.

Local public payrolls are out of control. Retirement promises have been made that can’t be kept. State payrolls are even more out of control. Public unions are running the state.

Crime is out of control in Chicago. The school system in Chicago keeps failing students’ educational requirements despite money being thrown at the problem. Incompetent and indifferent teachers keep their jobs and get pay raises that are inconsistent with the economy. And, benefits that exceed the private sector.

Everyone is seeing big increases in their health care bills due to Obamacare.

None of this is newsworthy according to the Tribune.

Recent polls show that the public has a 22% confidence level in print journalism. Almost as low as congress. Headlines like the Tribune ran on the front page last Sunday is a good example of why the public has almost no confidence in major newspapers. Helps explain why they are going broke.

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