Buying Votes

August/15/2010 16:42PM
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As things look bleaker for the Democrats for the fall elections, they are stepping up the action to buy votes to turn their problems around.

The $23 billion dollar bill to save teachers jobs is a prime example. Showing loyalty to any union may assuage the other unions for not getting card check approved. Using the food stamp fund to finance this shouldn’t hurt too much since that is flying under the radar.

The inconsiderate incompetence of politicians will always amaze me. They are using the futures of your kids and grand kids to stay in office.

Neither party has any capacity to cut government spending. Even worse, the biggest supporter of the conservative movement demonstrated this week that they are devoid of conservative thinking. The Heritage Foundation is soliciting $10 million for their grand new office complex in Washington DC. If they were truly conservative thinkers they would lease office space. The new building is a monument to their self-importance and proof that they are conservative in name only.

The only politician in America today who seems to get it is Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey. He promised to cut costs and balance the budget in a state in financial troubles and he is keeping his promise. The governor of Illinois, in contrast, raised the salaries of over 200 of his people at the same time the state in issuing IOUs. Even for 2009 state income tax over payments, which are not payable.

In the business world, expenses have been cut severely since the recession began. Not because they wanted to cut, but because it was survival. In government, there is no survival pressure. Cities and states will look to the Federal Government for budget shortages. Just like the $23 billion dollar bill, it will come. At the expense of your tax dollars and the futures of your kids and grand kids.

The chief actuary for Medicare put a footnote in the financial forecast that the projections for Medicare running out of money were overstated. He said the savings from Health Care Reform were fudged. The recent statistics showing the growth of government pay over the private sector show government salaries and pensions are totally out of control and out of sync with the current economic environment. Still, they will continue to go up. Unless, more and more Chris Christies appear on the scene.

I see no other politician on either side of the aisle willing to do what Christie is doing.

The rest of the politicians don’t get it. They still believe you buy votes by spending more. Christie is showing you buy even more votes by keeping your promise and cutting spending. Go through the list of Republicans who seem to gearing up for a run in 2012 and name one other who would actually fix our problems. Sarah Palin, no way. Mitt Romney, Romneycare is his claim to fame. Newt, and all the other Newt’s have had their chances and blown them. McCain is a liberal in Republican duds.

This country needs someone quick who can get us back on track or we will be in this economic morass for years to come, if not forever.

The United States is Michigan and California waiting to happen. And, Obama is just the man to do the job.

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