Blagojevich Blow back

August/21/2010 16:55PM
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The Wall Street Journal skewered Patrick Fitzgerald, the US attorney who sent Blago to trial. The Journal scored the trail Blago 23, Fitzgerald 1. The Journal called for Fitzgerald’s head. Said the charges were trumped up or, if Blago was guilty, Fitzgerald is incompetent.

I live part of the year in Illinois. It’s hard to imagine a more corrupt state than Illinois. In his tenure as US Attorney here, Fitzgerald has put the fear of God in the corrupt political system in Illinois. He put Obama’s real estate angel, Tony Rezko in jail. He put George Ryan, the former Governor, in jail. The sleaze ball core of Illinois politicians have been trying to get Fitzgerald out of Illinois for years. If the Wall Street Journal gets it’s way, Obama and Emanuel will send some lackey here so it will be business as usual again in Illinois. They might as well send Al Capone.

I have a different scorecard for the Blago trials. It was 11-1. There was one juror who kept Fitzgerald from getting Blago convicted on more than half of the charges. He would have gone to jail forever. Yet one juror, a 60 year old female who worked for the State of Illinois for most of her career, held out. The other jurors seemed to indicate she seemed to have her mind made up from the get go to let Blago off.

So, Fitzgerald will try Blago again. And, he will get the results he would have gotten but for one juror. And, as of today Blago is a convicted felon.

Dirty politicians exist everywhere and have forever. But, for the sake of those of us in Illinois who have experienced more than our share, let’s leave Patrick Fitzgerald right where he is. We need him. Sorry, Wall Street Journal, you are wrong, very wrong.

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