Blagojevich and Rangle

August/14/2010 16:55PM
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Rod Blagojevich waits for a jury to come in. Interestedly, most would expect a jury to find Blago guilty in short order.

Charlie Rangle rants without notes for over 30 minutes over his ethics problem.

Indignation seems hard to come by with the American public when it comes to politicians. It seems every American should feel upset when public officials steal from them. If a neighbor borrowed a rake and was slow in bringing it back, many people would be more upset than they are about Rod and Charlie.

President Obama says he hopes Charlie can retire with dignity. How does a thief have dignity? Media pundits and Charlie talk about Charlie’s military service in Korea. How many convicts have military experience? What the hell does that have to do with him being a thief? His rant on the floor of Congress seemed to center on why his own people were picking on him. That could have multiple implications. One, I haven’t done anything that all of your haven’t done. Or, I’ve served my district for all these years, they owe me what I’ve stolen. Or, is this discrimination?

Blogo has become a clown. He is a self-made clown. His plan was to make himself lovable and look stupid. Hoping a jury ,or at least a juror, would go for his act. Illinois is a mess. Obama gets a pass. The former governor is in prison. Blogo spent most of his time making things worse, hiding in a restroom, and stealing everything not nailed down.

Both are thieves. Rod and Charlie. Both need to go to prison. Both should get no pension, no dignity, and only disgrace and disgust from every American. We need to all quit giving them passes. You steal from us, you go to jail. Until we stop, they will keep stealing. Until we put a few hundred in jail, they will keep stealing. Why cut them slack? why cut any so-called celebrity slack? Is this reverse redistribution of guilt? The poor go to jail, the political do not?

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