87,000,300,000 or 500,000

August/31/2010 16:22PM
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What was the attendance at the Glen Beck rally on 8/28/10?

The Huffington Post and CBS news estimates were 87,000 whites. Or, 87,000 tea baggers. Many others put it at 300,000. Including the New York Times. Some have said as many as 500,000. The Huffington Post estimated the attendance at Obama’s inauguration at over one million. Maybe it was 87,000.

The Park Service in Washington DC refuses to give crowd estimates since they were so severely criticized for giving an accurate estimate of the million man march, which was much less than the one million being advertised.

In this day and age how hard is it to estimate crowd size? Why should these numbers be fudged by those who represent themselves as reputable journalists. Why not get the truth? If you can’t get the truth on something this innocuous, when do you get the truth? I’m convinced you don’t. Everything today must be spun.

The size of that crowd is a real threat to Obama and the Obama administration. Beck has been Obama’s worst critic. He called him a racist. He has since apologized by saying Obama is not a racist, he is a believer in collective salvation, the same thing the Pope has said. That seems like a small criticism until you consider that was the religious tenet of Karl Marx.

Beck kept his promise. It was not a political rally. It dealt with getting back to God as a country and having respect for the troops. But, not trusting him, Sharpton threw a rally. It was a non-event. Beck was also Bush’s greatest critic in the last 3 years of the Bush administration. I applaud him for that. Bush was only marginally better than Obama and deserved much of the criticism. My blog was equally unkind to Bush.

Beck drew the crowd because so many of us today are worried about the future of our country and see no leaders or no parties that can deliver us from pending disaster. There is no political figure today who can draw the crowd Beck drew.

There is no one out there today with a sincere set of ideas to fix our fundamental flaws. No one. Maybe Beck is right, God is the best we got right now. If a leader were to emerge we will know him or her by the level of hatred that leader gets from the media. Beck is a good example. No one, except for Palin, gets it more and harder than Beck.

A true leader with a real plan to fix our problems must be extremely thick skinned. I think of Sheriff Joe in Arizona. He is trashed every day by every form of media in Arizona and even on the National level. He ignores it all, feeds on it, and goes about his business of being the best lawman in America. He keeps costs down and treats criminals like criminals. He has the support of the people and to hell with the media and the do gooders who would close his tents and build a billion dollar prison with all the amenities in a city and a state that is broke.

If we are going to find a true leader we need to find that person soon.

Beck showed us what a true leader with a real message can do.

By the way go to this link to compare the people who attended the Beck rally vs. the Obama inauguration. http://michellemalkin.com/2010/08/29/restoring-honor-the-day-after-wrap-up-whitewash

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