Your Power Bills Will be Going Up

July/10/2010 16:02PM
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The EPA is getting ready to implement a de facto cap and trade bill. They hope to crack down on coal fired power plants all across the USA to meet reduced carbon dioxide level by 71% by 2014. Sounds like a good green idea.

Except, they are doing nothing to replace the power supply from the plants that will be forced to close due to this crackdown.

Remember, this President and his administration is a ready, fire, aim group. Reference Gitmo. He will appease the environmentalists at your expense. Most of these plants, like our tired old refineries, were built in the 40’s and 50’s will need substantial upgrading. The cost will be prohibitive for many of these old plants.

The states can engage in trading of pollution credits as long as they stay below a set emission limit. Does this sound like cap and trade put into law by Lisa Jackson, the head of the EPA, not by congress and the President? Just sneak it in, the Chicago way. Did you vote for Lisa Jackson? If the power companies choose to keep the plants open and not make the investments in scrubbers and catalytic reduction systems, who pays for the cost? You do. If they make the investments and keep the plans operating, who pays for the investment? You do.

Worst case, if they close these plants all over the country, what happens to power supply? It gets tight. How do the power companies ration limited power?, By price, just like health care reform will work.

In the Chicago area many of these plants are in low income areas. Who gets hit with higher power bills first? The poor, Obama’s people.

Who is pushing for cap and trade in the Chicago area? The company that sold these plants to Midwest Generation? The former Com Ed, now Exelon. The company that runs the nuclear power plants in the Midwest. They will benefit by selling credits to the company they sold the plants to a few years ago. One plant, Fisk, in the Pilsen neighborhood has been producing electricity since 1903.

There are two ways to skin this cat. Through the front door by having a debate in congress and passing a law in a transparent way. Or, by slipping in the back door in the dark of night, using the EPA, the Obama way.

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