Why Stan is My Friend

July/27/2010 16:35PM
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In an era where the governor of Illinois will find out next week whether he will join the previous governor in prison, it’s hard to find anyone who has credibility. Our President tells us we can keep our doctor under his health care bill, but he knows, and we know he knows, many will not. Charlie Rangle is going to trial for ethics violations. Mark Kirk, Republican candidate for the Obama senate seat, tells tall tales about his military career and even an ordeal on a sailboat in Lake Michigan when he was a kid. His Democratic opponent made loans to gangsters and broke his bank. Great choice on that ticket.

Where have all the honorable people gone? Who stands for anything today? Whose word is worth anything, handshake is good enough to take to the bank?

All my life I have tried to avoid people like Rob Blagojevich, Mark Kirk, Barack Obama, Charlie Rangle, and people like this. I’m proud I have friends like Stan.

Stan was playing in a golf tournament. They were giving a car away for a hole in one. When Stan got to that hole, he asked his caddie, you want to risk your tip on me making this shot? The caddie said my car is a piece of crap, sure, I’ll do it. Stan said give my a six iron. The caddie said, I’ll give you a five iron. Stan knocked the shot in the hole and turned to the caddie and said, son, you just won a new jeep.

How many politicians do you think would have kept their deal with the caddie with a new car at stake? Bill Clinton was a notorious cheater at golf. Most politicians I’ve played with were. That’s why I don’t play golf with politicians anymore.

It makes me proud to be a friend of Stan’s. I just wish we had more Stan’s in this world today.

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