July/20/2010 16:04PM
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Those of us who live in or around Chicago are accustomed to Obama’s strategy of creating a set of metrics to report unemployment results in the US. It’s Chicago politics at it’s most creative. Don’t like the real results, just make some up. Concerned about credibility and integrity, why? Voters expect all politicians to lie. He who lies the best, wins. But, don’t overdo it, or you will end up in jail like the last two governors of Illinois have, or soon will.

The stimulus is regarded by 60% of Americans to be a trillion dollar failure. Can’t have that. So, lets create some new metrics to fix the problem. We will come up with jobs saved and jobs created. Not the metric that has been used for decades to measure unemployment, no, that’s not a good number. So we will plug the spending into a Keynesian spending multiplier that has been discredited since 1974 and let it spit out how many jobs that spending should create. Then, we send the village idiot, Joe Biden, out to trumpet that number. Three million jobs created or saved by the stimulus bill. Pretty neat, eh?

Certainly, by Obama’sr standards, at least 90% of those 60% who don’t like the stimulus results are stupid. They didn’t go to an ivy league college, don’t live in New York City, aren’t far left wing liberals, don’t embrace socialism, so they must be stupid. We can run this by them and sell them on the merits of the stimulus bill.

Does this administration have no shame? They put forth a bogus number for the savings from the Health Care Bill. Now, the same scorekeepers who put out the number are making upward adjustments. Big ones. No problem, we got the bill passed. People forget, especially the stupid ones. By the time the real cost sinks in ,we will have dismantled the heath care system and it will be too late.

To understand the real ethics of the Obama administration and his congressional cronies, you need not look beyond the 3 million job story. They have absolutely no respect for your intelligence. You are just a cog in their wheel. Nothing you really believe counts. You are going to get what they want you to get. Whether it’s bigger government, more spending, a bad health care bill, no immigration action, and bad numbers on unemployment, you deserve what they give you. That’s the thought process.

Their incompetence and ineptitude has to be covered.

Sorry, Mr. President, this is just another reason why your approval rating is now 40% and still dropping.

The American people deserve, and expect, better from their president. Your strutting and crowing and blowing smoke is no longer in play. Robert Gibbs was right, you will lose the congress this fall. Nancy Pelosi was horrified that someone in your circle told the truth. Did you find it interesting that Pelosi said she had never met Gibbs? Both Gibbs and Pelosi will have new jobs by 2011, so who cares.

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