Shirley Sherrod is a Ticking Time Bomb

July/23/2010 16:33PM
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First she was fired, then she wasn’t. First, it was a White House directive that fired her. Then it was not. First she made racist comments to the NAACP, then she was just relating a story that ended in her demonstrating she was not racist.

But, not out of context, there were questionable comments. One, she told her audience they should get jobs at the Department of Agriculture, since you can’t get fired. And, she admitted she was jerking the white farmer around, just because he was white. She further added she turned him over to a white lawyer and said he should be taken care of “by his own people.” Have you ever felt you were being jerked around by a black bureaucrat just because you were white? Why didn’t she just help the man?

Now, she is being offered a new job, a better job. If she takes the job, she is officially Obama’s problem. If she takes the job and there are hundreds of Reverend Wright-type comments out there, they will surface. If they surface, she can’t be fired again. Nor, can the comments be blamed on Vilsack or anyone other than the Obama administration.

I believe Shirley is a veritable fount of racist comments waiting to surface. If she doesn’t take a new job, fine, but if she does, it’s a big problem.

She has a bias at best and is racist at worst. She will not be able to restrain future comments if she hasn’t already gone on record with comments that will be worse than the one’s that got her fired this week?

Tick, tick, tick, Mr. President. My advice on Shirley is to cut your losses now before she becomes a bigger problem.

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