Obama Puts The View Over the Boy Scouts

July/29/2010 16:01PM
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I guess our president wants to enhance his image by appearing on The View. That should help the dive in his approval ratings. Contributions to the Democratic Party are down 65% this year over 2008. Obama couldn’t make it to speak at the Boy Scout’s 100 year celebration in Washington, D.C. But, he can go on The View. A vacuous show with babbling idiots. He should fit right in. They will need bibs to catch the drool.

Sam Adam, former governor Blagojevich’s defense attorney said in his closing arguments that his client wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Based on his performance in office, one might begin to say the same about Blago’s peer, President Obama. Sam also said Blago made bad decisions about his advisers. Again, who would tell Obama to blow off the Boy Scouts and go on The View? Is he jealous because Gore has both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar?

President Obama made Mexico happy by suing Arizona and winning. But, he made 60% of the American public unhappy. Now, he’s trying to blame it on Eric Holder. His approval rating will take another hit over this. The contributions to the Democratic Party will take another hit. When your president has upset the financial community, the business community, the medical community, the Jewish community, small businessmen, the elderly, the Boy Scouts, military veterans, and most everyone I know, who is left to contribute? Labor unions, freak environmentalists, those never intending to be employed, and illegal aliens who can’t vote?

Every day I become more and more convinced that Obama is totally clueless or simply on a mission to destroy my country. There is no other explanation for his decisions. He is taking the entire Democratic Party down in record time. He is bankrupting my country. He is uncomfortable with anything but a teleprompter. Oil spill, not my problem. He has lost trust. He has lost faith. He is lost period. He has broken every campaign promise. He has no compunctions about standing before the teleprompter and telling whoppers.

I sure hope he looks presidential on The View. He doesn’t anywhere else any more. Except to the cherished few who still get a tingle down the leg, no one believes you anymore.

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