Obama Has Turned Gitmo into Club Med

July/14/2010 16:25PM
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His very first declaratory act following inauguration was to promise he would close Gitmo within a year. Since then we have learned this President is like a baby robin. All mouth and no rectum. When it comes to actually doing something, he disappears. But, I’m sure, you, like me, have been very suspicious about what he has been doing at Gitmo. As a Muslim sympathizer who seems to think September 11th means the 11th Century, he never misses a chance to suck up to his Muslim friends. Has he ever commented about the Mosque at ground zero?

Here’s what he has done to make it up to the inmates at Gitmo for not getting them out of there and out from under all the unfair injustices rendered them by the evil Bush.

The 181 inmates are living the life or Riley. They have Skype, the online video chat service and access to a 17,000 book library. Interestingly, Obama has added 40% more inmates since last year. Seen that on CBS?

Detainees now watch flatscreen TVs on 18 channels, including Al Jazeera English, a sports channel, and broadcasts focusing on Tunisia, Lybya, or Kuwait. They really enjoyed the World Cup. Or, they can take classes on personal finance.

They have Playstation3 and foosball. On the wall is the executive order signed by President Obama promising to close the place by last January.

Does it make you feel so good to know the people who want to kill you and your families are living better than inmates in the States who are in maximum security prisons or residents of Sheriff Joe’s Tent City who are basking in 110 degree comfort?

Do you expect to see this on Network TV. The fact that Obama has been stuffing Gitmo with new inmates? Or, that he has spent millions of our tax dollars to make life much more comfortable for the inmates?

What will this President do next to insure his party loses the November elections and he loses the party nomination for 2012 to Hillary? Ugh, that’s not a good thought either.

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