Mexico Sues Arizona

July/03/2010 16:42PM
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A Federal Judge approved a lawsuit by the country of Mexico challenging the Arizona Immigration Law. The Federal Government is suing the state of Arizona on the same issue. The people of Arizona want the border secure.

The President blames the Republican Party for the immigration problem. He doesn’t detail what he would do. Typical of Obama, he sets up the straw dog, the problem always belongs to someone else. He never puts forth clear solutions. He has none. Or, he is unwilling to stick his neck out and speak them.

In Mexico over 20,000 people have been murdered so far this year by the drug lords. This week 12 were killed just across the border from Arizona. It is estimated that 2,200 illegals a day are still crossing the border into Arizona. Statistics show that 17% of illegals are incarcerated for crimes in this country.

The list of things our president can’t do keeps growing. He can’t close Gitmo. He can’t fix the economy, despite spending $2 trillion this year trying. He can’t fix the unemployment problem. He can’t fix the oil leak. He can’t solve the illegal alien problem. He can’t keep the war in Afghanistan on track. He can’t work with the Republican Party or BP. He can’t get along with the generals. He has two talents, campaigning and orating. His campaign speech in Racine, Wisconsin railed against the Republican Party again. His approach to everything is divisive. He seems incapable of working with anyone who disagrees with him.

Where does Mexico get off suing Arizona? They are trying to import their problems to the United States. How can a Federal Judge approve the Mexican suit? It is just a matter of time before the Mexican problem spills across the border and we have citizens, police, or border agents killed. How will Obama spin that?

Where does Obama come off suing the state of Arizona? Isn’t it part of the United States? He seems to be setting up a divided country. He will support the Blue states and he will attack the Red states. For most, if not all Red states, this could work. They would elect their own president who would support them. Obama can have the blue states with their massive debt problems and advanced socialist, progressive method of operation. Set-aside New Jersey until Christie sees if he can turn it Red. Also, Obama may be shrinking the number of blue states. He is working hard to do that.

Supposedly, Obama wants illegals to come forth and fess up. This is alternative energy all over again. A pipe dream. No common sense. And, it doesn’t address the flow of illegals into the country.

The majority of Americans want this problem fixed. Not, more rhetoric from the President, nor more campaigning and blaming others.

It won’t happen with this president.

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