Independence Day

July/04/2010 7:07AM
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We celebrate this day because a group of brave people decided they couldn’t accept the tyranny of King George. He simply took what he wanted from this country without discussion or debate. Those who had immigrated here from England had to give whatever he asked. They left England because they wanted a better life. They wanted to be further from the King. The sought freedom and opportunity. They got nothing back from England, it was a one way street. Send back what was asked.

One of the founders, the one who wrote most of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, warned that it was a natural occurrence for government to grow and seek more and more power over the people. Boy was he right.

As I look back over my lifetime, every year the government has regulated more and more and taken liberty after liberty. At every level. Federal, state, local, and in some cases, even a homeowners association. Gun laws get put in and more people are murdered. Obesity laws against fast food restaurants, people get fatter. Cameras everywhere and crime goes up. A new tax on tanning.

Elected officials are beginning to behave more and more like King George. A manager at a frozen custard shop in Wisconsin suggests to Biden that he could reduce taxes. Biden calls him a smart ass. A young man tries to ask a congressman a question and gets physically abused. Who the hell do these people who live at the public trough think they are? Pelosi spends millions of our tax dollars flying back and forth to California and renting expensive office space, and believes she is entitled. They are all becoming King George’s and we let it happen. Their public behavior is despicable. They behave like spoiled professional athletes who constantly embarrass their teams. But, the athletes get suspended. The politicians go on with the behavior. King George’s.

President Reagan said about the economy and the federal government: ” if it moves, tax it, if it keeps moving, regulate it, if it stops moving, subsidize it.” This is not just true about the economy, it’s true about most everything today.

As I reflect on Independence Day, 2010, I recall that the Boston Tea Party was a pivotal act in this country moving toward Independence. Today, it is the Tea Party movement that will stop the work of Obama, King George, and little king George minions from turning us back into the country the brave people left to get away from that form of government and rule.

I see it as the best hope for my kids and grand kids who will never have the freedom, opportunity, and standard of living I had if we don’t dump the arrogant people who want to control every aspect of our daily lives and do it badly, since they have no capacity to do it well.

So, when you put your flag out today, pause and remember you have work to do. We need to stop the Obama version of hope and change dead in it’s tracks and replace it with the hope and change Jefferson and Reagan gave us.

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