Dr. Berwick and Bipartisanship

July/08/2010 16:17PM
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President Obama, the great campaigner, the critic of a lack of bipartisanship ran on a platform of ending that problem in Washington. Every day he does something to drive a bigger wedge between the parties in Washington. Nobody has ever done it better.

His latest effort is to bypass the Senate with his new new head of Medicare and Medicaid.

He is doing this for three reasons. One, no one is more arrogant that this narcissistic President. He is doing it because he can.

The second reason is he doesn’t want his health care reform bill brought up again between now and the November elections. Remember the town hall meetings during last year’s recess?

Third, he doesn’t want the public to know about the positions his candidate, Dr. Berwick, has taken on health care.

He has been on record saying he admires the British system. Worse, he has said on more than one occasion, the only way to manage health care is by rationing. My friends in Florida don’t need to know this.

Obama is on the wrong side of yet another issue. He is sinking like the Titanic in the polls. Independents have turned against him. It all started with his health care reform bill. He can’t stand the heat.

So, he names a man who favors rationing to cut the promised $500 billion out of Medicare. Gee, I wonder how he will meet that goal?

Nice work, Mr. President. If this were Bush, the media would have stopped this dead in it’s tracks. But, you will need to rely on the Internet, Fox News, or the Wall Street Journal to get this news.

That’s why I keep writing this blog.

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