When All Else Fails, Litigate

June/04/2010 4:35AM
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Big announcement by Eric Holder. He may file civil and criminal charges against BP for the oil leak. Obama is getting killed by inaction. Everyone is on his case to do something. Speeches don’t cut it anymore. His slow response and Salazar’s boot on the neck made it worse.

When you are totally clueless when it comes to solutions to a problem, turn to your strength. When you and everyone who works for you is an attorney, what do your know? Litigation. Maybe it will take the heat off you and turn it back to BP. Finger pointing at them isn’t working anymore.

You have a huge international corporation that screwed up big time. But, they and their offshore drilling counterparts have all of the expertise to fix the problem. They seem to be spending billions and pulling out all the stops to plug the leak and minimize the damage. You need their technology and expertise if you are Obama. You need their billions and more to get this problem resolved.

So you tell you Attorney General, Eric Holder, “take a break from trying to get all the terrorists off and getting Gitmo closed”, and sue BP. Sure it will drive down the stock price even more, harm shareholders, reduce cash available to plug the leak, and maybe even prompt a bankruptcy filing. Sure, those are real problems, but my poll numbers are the top priority. The media is calling this my Katrina. I can’t take anymore hits. I don’t have a soul in my cabinet or close group of advisers who has even done anything real in their work lives. I’m at the end of my rope, so I’ll show the American people that BP can’t mess with me, I’ll sue them.

If you asked what the dumbest thing President Obama could do right now to make the oil spill situation worse, it would be to sue BP. Sure, sue them later when it’s all over. But, now? And, criminal charges?

Right back to closing Gitmo, everything this president has done since day one has been questionable. Now, Canada is saying they can’t afford their health care system and need to make serious cuts. Held up by Obama as an example of what we can do with health care reform, he now has a problem coming from the North. With the majority of Americans saying they are for repeal of the health care bill, how does the media put the clamps on the Canadian problem? They can’t, it will leak out. When it does, what will Obama do, sue the media?

Seriously flawed judgment is a bad trait for any leader, for President Barack Hussain Obama, it’s endemic, he has no other type of judgment. And, either his advisers have the same germ ,or he chooses not to listen to any who don’t. How’s that closing Gitmo promise coming Mr. President? Turning out a lot like suing BP will.

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