The Timing is Not Right

June/02/2010 14:55PM
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Catch phrases and catch words come and go. I’ve been observing how often I’m hearing the phrase, “the timing is not right.” It is coming primarily from the Democratic Party, but it gets used by all politicians today. Here are a few of the issues the phrase gets attached to:

Social Security Reform
Immigration Control
Less Spending
Reduced Government
Simplified Income Tax Reporting
Tort Reform in Medicine
Term Limits
Educational Reform

This is not a comprehensive list, but just enough to make a few points. When will the timing be right for any of these items? Most go against the grain of potential voters. The elderly don’t want tampering with social security and the young will pay dearly for the lack of reform. Present and future Hispanic voters don’t want immigration control. The majority of Americans do. Majority loses, as Arizona is seeing. Cutting government spending means making enemies as Chris Christie is finding in New Jersey. But, he’s making friends too. Everyone will be watching to see how it plays out for Christie in the future.

Reduced government is contrary to government itself. The need for power is in all of us. More power comes from bigger organizations. Hence, it would take a big campaign promise and even bigger cajones to do that.

Simplified income tax reporting would mean much smaller government. Lot’s of CPA’s out of work and H&R Bloch gone. Big lobbies. Less government, much smaller committees, IRS cut to shreds, are you kidding me? Make it more complex.

Tort reform in medicine will not happen until the Democrats are out of power. The trial lawyers own them.

Term limits, are you serious? These guys need 3 or 4 terms to garner as much wealth in Washington as the Kennedy family has.

Educational Reform is in the capable hands of the teacher’s unions. They have kept is just like it was 60 years ago when I was in elementary school. No changes. Except, they have pushed us down the ladder when it comes to competing with other countries. Grin and bear it, it’s not going to change.

So, if you analyze the list, the timing is never right. Competing in a global economy with China, a Centralized form of Capitalism, does not bode well for our future. China’s leaders can have a little meeting and decide the timing is right, and change anything on our list. Only the little group gets any say in the decision. If you disagree with the decision, too bad, live with it or they will help you stop living.

If you look at our list, the majority don’t get their wishes. Only the special, special interest groups do. So, our system is not democratic anymore either.

China goes around the world tying up oil, natural gas, coal, and other energy on contract. They are building dozens of new nuclear power plants. They are drilling offshore in Cuba and if they have a leak, how fast will they fix the problem? Meanwhile our special interest driven government is promising green energy, just as they have for the last 30 years. Somebody has it right and somebody has a wrong. The winner will either be the new world power or the reigning world power. Want to make a wager on the winner?

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