Starry-Eyed Youth Facing the Cost of Obama

June/20/2010 14:44PM
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So many young people are enamored with President Obama. They see him as “cool”. He is more hip, younger, and as an African American, it’s great to have diversity in the White House.

In 2012 when they pay their first $1,000 fine for not having health insurance, reality will begin to set in. Maybe earlier when they have to get their student loan through the government since Obama threw all the private lenders out of the business. When they get their second experience with a government bureaucrat, they probably loved the Department of Motor Vehicles, they will wonder why they have to jump through hoops, be insulted, suffer lost paperwork, and sit and wait for a 250 pound woman to finish her doughnut to find out if the paperwork is finally in order. They will probably get the student loan approved the week before school starts.

So, just as they find they are too stretched to pay the student loan back because there are not jobs, except government jobs, they get hit with the $1,000 penalty for no health insurance. Can’t you just see the stars in eyes disappear and be replaced with a new wisdom and maturity about Obama and politicians in general.

That dream car you wanted to buy out of college, forget it. Gas in 2012 will be $5 a gallon and the best you can do is a Mini Cooper. But, you are still green. Your utility bill will be 50% higher to support cap and trade, but you want to save the planet.

What happened to the American Dream in the four short years you were in college. The country elected the man you thought was cool. He was a great speaker, remember? Great, until he had to speak off the cuff in a disaster and then he sounded a lot like that Tony Hayward guy from BP. The BP disaster is when it all started to come unraveled

It was apparent he had no management experience. He came across as a man in way over his head. Then, the Democrats lost the congress in the fall due to Obama and his liberal spending and inane agenda.

That was when you realized that cool wasn’t important when it came to being president of United States. You knew we needed someone who could get the job done and fix the mess Obama made.

Young man or young lady, you are a graduate going into the world Obama made for you. A world of few jobs, high energy costs, a country teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, and the best job you can get is working for the 250 pound lady at the student loan agency. Saddled with debt like your country you wonder who to blame. Your parents for letting this happen? Your teachers and professors for telling you this is good? Your grandparents for using up America?

Perhaps, without all the benefits your parents had, you will be far wiser. You and your peer group can develop common sense and realize that green energy is a scam for bigger government and higher taxes. That progress means that not everyone is happy. That diversity may put the screws to you. That illegal aliens do cost us too much money. That your parents will never collect a dime on their social security or medicare. That China is now the new world power and America will never be again.

You see son, when you hire the wrong people to run your country this is what happens. Sorry, it may be fixable, but you are going to have to make many, many sacrifices to get it done. Are you up to the job?

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