Problems With Romneycare

June/17/2010 14:48PM
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The good people of Massachusetts like Romneycare. Why not? It’s basically a good deal. They can job the system and pay the fine and not get insurance until they need it. But, those with company insurance plans are not so happy and neither are their companies. Their costs are going through the roof.

Still, it’s not the biggest problem. The state can’t afford the plan. The governor put a cap on insurance premium increases but it’s still not enough. Not enough for the state or for the insurance companies.

Brutal reality is setting in with Romneycare. It simply doesn’t work. The fine for not having insurance is not enough to keep the state whole. The insurance industry can’t just treat sick people and keep premiums down. They need well people to balance the costs. The companies can’t keep paying higher and higher premiums to offset the people who job the system. They have and will keep dropping insurance as an employment benefit.

The state keeps pushing the problem down the road. The governor can’t balance the books. He can’t raise the penalty and get re-elected. The insurers won’t stay in Massachusetts. If the state has to be the only insurer in the state, the financial problem will get worse. If the state let’s the insurance industry put premiums where they need to be for the companies to break even, the voters will revolt.

Like most entitlements, once you have it you can’t get rid of it.

So Governor Patrick will get re-elected, since the other two candidates are running on platforms to address the problem. One, to adjust to bring costs into line with the budget and the other to eliminate the plan.

The public will elect the man who will push the problem down the road and keep the plan. Despite knowing it can’t work. But, they want the benefits.

As you watch what is happening in Massachusetts you have to realize that Obmacare, once implemented, will be exactly like Romneycare. There forever unless it is voted out in 2011.

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