Obama Finds He Is Not Running the World

June/28/2010 14:58PM
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Obama says he is happy with the results of the G-20 Conference in Toronto. Wow, how can you be happy when you are dissed by the whole group. Obama went with a message for them to keep spending. He got a message in return. Butt out. Just another slap down for the Anointed One.

The attendees wonder why anyone would tell them they need to more of what they have done to get in the mess they are in. The bloom is off the rose for our President. He has become Rodney Dangerfield, no respect.

What kind of arrogance causes anyone to deliver this kind of message?

Undaunted, Obama will come back here and keep spending. It worked in the South Side of Chicago, why won’t it work everywhere? It got him promoted to the point where the Peter Principle now shows, you are in way over your head, Mr. President.

Hidden in the financial reform bill is a $19 billion tax to the financial institutions. For what, more government jobs? Plus, he wants an additional $60 billion on top of that. All of this will passed back to the investors. Less investment, less capital spending, fewer jobs in the private sector. More regulation, more spending, more jobs in the public sector. More pensions we can’t pay. More bureaucrats not showing up for work and getting paid. More red tape.

The architects of the bill, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd got a standing ovation from Congress when the bill passed. Another 2,000 pages of regulations. Remember, Barney and Chris were behind the Freddie and Fannie mess that got us into the housing meltdown to begin with and they are going to fix problems. Dodd said publicly he has no idea what’s in the bill.

Day in and day out, President Obama is making his fellow Noble Prize winner, Jimmy Carter look good.

November can’t come soon enough.

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