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June/24/2010 14:29PM
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Your government at work. I don’t know how it works where you live, but here in Chicago when the National Weather Service breaks in with a weather warning on TV it is typical of our government. Some script scrolls across the screen that looks like it was delivered by an early 19th Century teletype machine.

Both the video and the audio breaks up periodically so you don’t hear or see all the areas being warned by the alert.

Today they threw in a new wrinkle. The audio was a man speaking with the same accent anyone you call about a credit card problem uses. This makes me even more suspicious that my government weather alerts are coming from a cave somewhere in India or Pakistan. Or, Pockistan to quote Obama.

With all the billions we spend on predicting and monitoring weather by our government, does it seem like they might use modern technology in their warnings?

Regardless of where you come down on Stanley MCCrystal, you have to admit that he was probably telling the truth in his interview. Joe Biden is a fool. Obama was probably intimidated by a room full of generals. They looked more imposing than a room full of union friends. He was probably distracted, since he is distracted by the real work of being president.

When a government, than only knows how to spend money, is left with the biggest defense always given is they can run the military, can’t run the military, what can they run?

The National Weather Service. No, not that. They can predict the weather, they can monitor the weather, but people will be killed because the warning cuts out when their city was mentioned, or like my wife they can’t understand certain accents.

Lord help us.

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