Global Cooling in Gore Marriage

June/26/2010 14:04PM
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First we hear the Gore’s are splitting. Then, we hear a woman in Portland, Oregon says Al ordered a massage in his hotel room in Portland in 2006. She claims Al made unwanted sexual advances. She reported it to the police, but chose not to file charges. Went back to the police a couple of years later with the clothing and said she had changed her mind. The police now claim they didn’t keep the clothing. She went to the National Inquirer after telling the police she was going public. Gore, of course, is innocent until proven guilty, but where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. The mainstream media didn’t touch the Gore story.

Lot’s of similarities here with John Edwards and Bill Clinton. In Clinton’s case Monica kept the little blue dress. In Edwards case, like Gore’s, the National Inquirer broke the story. It’s called Democratic immunity from mainstream media. In both Edward’s case and Clinton’s no one said the acts were not consensual. That is the big difference with Gore. This lady is saying she was illegally molested.

Why would anyone be surprised by this? Al Gore is and always has been a sleaze ball. He invented the Internet and invented his marriage too, I guess. He lives with one of the largest carbon footprints in America, but uses global warming to amass a billion dollars, a Nobel Prize, and a Oscar. His big kiss on stage with Tipper was to show the passion that lived in their marriage. As phoney as his dedication to global warming.

Al Gore is Jimmy Swaggart. He will do or say anything for a buck or for personal gain. Why not rape a young lady in Portland, he has raped most all of us in America pushing his global warming baloney to get cap and trade passed and set this country back another 20 years. We can only hope this lady presses charges and Al does a little time and can’t buy himself out of a criminal act. Seems Tipper won’t be standing by her man.

Some people seem to totally devoid of integrity, character, and conscience. Al Gore is the prototype of that. Aren’t you glad he didn’t win the presidency, we would have had another impeachment. Birds of a feather flock together.

Come on Al, you did the crime, do the time. You will only get a couple of years with good behavior. We need to get you off the streets, you are a danger to this country.

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