Getting to Know Obama

June/07/2010 14:21PM
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All the hope and change times are gone. The great orator is now supposed to be the great leader. We should be basking in the glow of a wonderful time. Transparency in government, bi-partisan politics, quick response to natural disasters, jobs for all, out of Iran, out of Gitmo, and all the people in the world loving us and our esteemed, Nobel Prize leader.

What did we get? A man who is totally detached from the real work of leadership. Even the media is making this charge with the lack of his engagement in the Gulf oil leak. We have Chicago politics at it’s worst. And, he can’t do better at that than he did getting the Olympics for Chicago, all the bribees turned them down. An alderman in Chicago could do a much better job of bribing than Obama, Emanuel, and Clinton did with Sestak and how ever many others they tried to bribe .

Partisan politics are the worst I have ever seen. The Blago trial in Chicago will involve Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson Jr. and maybe even Obama. Clean politics, give me a break.

The deficit is up $5 trillion since Obama took over. We are still in Iran and Afghanistan is going south. The Israelis are mad at us.

We have a health care bill that the majority of America wants repealed. With Canada admitting they can’t fund theirs any longer, it may get repealed. Especially since they keep finding costs that were not included in the original estimate.

The Wall Street Journal on 6-4-10 actually called Obama a liar. They said he suggested the financial, energy, and heath care industries were virtually unregulated until he showed up. Per the Journal, these have always been three of the most regulated industries in the world, pre Obama.

He has politicized the Gulf oil spill. Instead of growing with the tragedy like Bobby Jindal has, he has shrunk. His dolts, Janet Napolitano and Ken Salazar, show they are like Brownie was for Bush in Katrina. Incompetent. Joe Kool, Obama, is not involved. Now he is trying to gain lost ground by vilifying BP, suing BP, blaming Bush and Cheney, and his other tired old acts that show how ill-prepared he is for this job.

Here are his solutions for the spill. Enact Cap and Tax. Sure, tax every household $1,000 a year because of an industrial accident. Litigate. Berate the parties involved for pointing fingers at each other. As the chief finger pointer, he knows a lot about that subject. Create as much dissension as possible between the parties he needs to fix the problem. Stay completely out of it for the first 12 days. Blame Cheney and Bush. Deny the states every request they needed. Stop all offshore drilling putting up to 100,000 union employees out of work. It’s a race between Obama and Tony Hayward, BP, CEO, as to whom is screwing up more. And, on 6-4-10 he announces a panel to study the spill. He named two environmental zealots to the panel. That should really help get to the bottom of a technical problem. Might as well have named Gore.

What would a real leader do? Get down there on day one. Get all the parties together and say let’s all work together to solve this. What do you need from me. Tell Napolitano and Salazar to get every asset possible to protect the shorelines and worry about who pays later. After all, when you have rung up the $5 trillion deficit in your term, when did you become a fiscal conservative?

Obama does not bring people together, he drives a wedge in cooperation. He does not know how to be anything but a divisive politician who covers his ass.

Democrats seem to be giving up on the Messiah. They are bailing and distancing from him.

We got what we thought we would get. Chicago politics at it’s worst. A class A finger pointer who takes no responsibility for anything. A man who is so inexperienced he can only stay focused on his political agenda, spend us into bankruptcy.

It’s essential we get the Democrats out of power in the Fall. We have to make Obama a lame duck before he does more damage. It really could get worse.

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