Bound Up in Our Knickers

June/12/2010 14:17PM
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Here’s one example of why we as a nation can make little progress and keep losing jobs.

Navistar wanted to move it’s world headquarters to Lisle, Illinois where there was a 1.2 million square foot building available. The building had been vacant for years. They would then build a research and development facility next door. They would invest $100 million and employ 3,100 professional people. The unemployment in Illinois is 11.2%. Not to mention the people who would be employed building the expansion.

A few homeowners close by objected. The deal fell apart. Navistar is now looking in Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, or Indiana. Goodbye Navistar, goodbye jobs, but we have a few dozen happy homeowners. That’s how things work here in America. Or, don’t work.

The neighbors and a school for autistic kids nearby sued Navistar. The executives were served over two dozen subpoenas.

Navistar offered concessions. They moved plans for the diesel engine test lab as far as possible from the school. Reduced the fuel storage and the size of the lab. The school got out of the lawsuit, but not the neighbors.

Navistar threw in the towel on Lisle and Illinois. The CEO wrote the mayor of Lisle: ” a small group of opponents jeopardized our image and that of many innocent people who have advocated for us. “A corporation with roots in Illinois for well over a hundred years is leaving. Taking not 3,100 jobs, but probably 4,100 since they planned to grow on the new site.

Suddenly, the big politicians who were so busy stuffing illegal money in their pockets noticed they were losing a big company headquarters. Pat Quinn, Governor and Lisa Madigan, Attorney General are tying to save the deal.

You see in America no one can say no to anyone. Except Chris Chrisie, the new governor of New Jersey. He would have told the good citizens of Lisle, sorry, but jobs are more important than you. And used his attorneys to fight the neighbors and the school in court. See, even if someone does say no, the offended just sue and tie it up in court forever and harass the management like they did with Navistar.

Eisenhower built half the interstate system in America on his watch. You can’t build a 10 mile extension on a highway today in less than 10 years.

We can’t make progress and please everyone. So, we stay tied up in our knickers.

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