Will Al Gore Please Explain This?

May/27/2010 14:54PM
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 On climate change chump science is beginning to bring out competitors who show some real statistical scientific results. Not the same old wall of the same old glacier falling into the sea. Or, the same polar bear floating off on an ice floe.  How embarrassing will it be to all of you believers to learn you bought snake oil from a wagon peddler who supposedly told you he invented the Internet. How painful to learn all you have done is mis-educate yourself and your kids, help make Gore a billionaire, and advanced the socialist cause in America. 

It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. And, plants seem to thrive on the dreaded CO2. So much so that one has to wonder if having more isn’t better to feed a growing world. Since global temperatures have dropped for the past ten years, we may be in a place where we should look more at the effects on crops than climate.

I’m no scientist and neither is Al Gore. That’s why he has never engaged in a debate with a real scientist who is challenging his theories about global warming. He’s been pretty good at selling Hollywood, idiot politicians, the Nobel Peace group( hey, they bought Obama, they will buy anything), and your neighbor who worships at the alter of environmental stupidity. Now, more and more skeptics are coming forth with good science. The silence from Gore is deafening. 

As the video shows a plant might fare better on a rooftop in Brooklyn than in Oregon where they still worship Gore. 

We will see more and more of this as the lid has blown off global warming conspiracy. 

All I can say is it’s about time.


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