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May/26/2010 15:29PM
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Tired of the ACLU suing to defeat every cause you support or create one you don’t? Liberals give freely to the ACLU. They use the funds to do every possible damage to the country we love. No one group has done more damage in the past 40 years.

Here’s an option.

THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2010

Dear C.w.,

Arizona’s new immigration law is under attack … and the ACLU is leading the charge.

They’ve wasted no time – filing a federal lawsuit challenging the law’s constitutionality. They allege that the law ”encourages racial profiling, endangers public safety and betrays American values.”

This is absurd! The Arizona law is clearly designed to protect and secure the state’s borders without putting at risk the constitutional protections afforded to American citizens.

The ACLU’s legal challenge of the Arizona law is misguided and misrepresents exactly what the new law provides. It does not invite racial profiling – it expressly prohibits it. It does not conflict with federal immigration law – it actually mirrors it!

So the ACLJ is wasting no time as well, planning to file an amicus brief – representing concerned Americans like you – in support of Arizona’s defense of its law in the ACLU case.

We absolutely believe Arizona has a right to secure its borders and protect its citizens – something the federal government has repeatedly failed to do.

America is a nation of immigrants. Quite frankly, that’s been a key to our country’s success. And it still is.

As I’ve said before, I’m the grandson of Russian immigrants to the United States. I’m deeply grateful we have an immigration policy that welcomes people in … but I absolutely commend Arizona for defending their borders and for taking action when the federal government failed them.

There’s a lawful way to become part of this country – a path to citizenship – a way to enter legally. Unfortunately, there are currently SEVEN MILLION illegal aliens in the U.S. –

– and according to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, about 1,000 illegal immigrants cross Arizona’s borders EVERY SINGLE DAY!

It’s time America takes the proper action on this issue. That’s what the Arizona law does … and that’s why it’s important we meet the ACLU’s challenge in federal court.

I have instructed a legal team to begin drafting a key amicus brief to be filed in defense of the Arizona law.
We’ve formed a national Committee to Protect America’s Borders, representing the interests of concerned Americans like you.
We’re preparing to go up against the ACLU.
And we’re willing – and ready – to take it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States if necessary!
So we need every American standing with us in this fight! Please give generously: Engage the issue, challenge the ACLU, and protect America’s borders.

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