President Obama is Digging a Big Hole

May/28/2010 14:06PM
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Joe Sestak is beginning to look like Watergate II. Supposedly, Rahm Emanuel asked Bill Clinton to go to Sestak to offer him a job in the White House to drop out of the race against Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania. Clinton has been impeached once, so there is little anyone can do to damage his legacy. Did Rahm dream this up on his own, or was it discussed with the President? If it wasn’t discussed with Obama, then Rahm is really running the country as many of us suspect. If it was discussed, then Obama is involved with a potential illegal activity. Remember, Nixon wasn’t proven guilty of involvement with Watergate, just the ensuing cover up. This is not over with Sustak’s little press conference on a Friday before a Holiday Weekend. A news day when no one watches. There will be an investigation into this. Emanuel is toast. If you think things have been a mess in the White House since Obama took over, watch how bad it gets without Rahm.

Meanwhile, the BP mess is being labeled Obama’s Katrina. He did little to help himself in his press conference. Most Americans care little what Obama thinks about before he goes to sleep and when he wakes up or what he discusses with his daughter while brushing his teeth. His knowledge of the mess was woefully lacking in the press conference. He was winging it. Still blaming Bush for the mess. This is getting very tiresome.

Add the growing unrest about immigration issues, and you have a triple whammy. He is on the wrong side of this issue with the majority of Americans who clearly favor the Arizona law. His solution, send 1,200 troops to the border, but telling the ICE people they can’t patrol, they can just do paperwork for those who do patrol so they will have more time to patrol. His assistant at ICE tells the press he won’t take custody of the illegals who are arrested in Arizona. ICE says he was not misquoted in the Chicago Tribune, but Morton says he was. Like Napolitano has repeatedly, he says he was taken out of context. Seems like an ongoing problem in the Department of Homeland Security. Meanwhile, John McCain goes to the Armed Forces Committee and requests and, according to John, got approval for 6,000 troops to actually patrol the border in Arizona. Per Mc Cain, Obama can’t over-ride this decision from the Armed Forces Committee.

The Democrats in Congress, with Obama’s endorsement, are working on a $240 billion spending bill. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans are upset with Obama’s spending.

North Korea and Iran are thumbing their noses at Obama. Hillary is a busy lady. The head security guy in the country resigns without mentioning the President in his resignation. Most old hands say they have never read a resignation like Blair’s that excludes most of the courtesies that are boilerplate in such resignations.

As the hole gets deeper and deeper, more and more Democrats are running from the President. Disgust and anger are growing with the Administration. Are there no adults in the Administration? The silver tongue is no longer untarnished. But, it keep flapping at mach speed. Soon our President will need a ladder to get above ground.

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