President Calderon Criticizes the Arizona Law

May/20/2010 14:21PM
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President Calderon of Mexico and President Obama had a meeting. President Caleron said he was upset with the Arizona law. It was unfair to his people who come here. His people who come here? He wants to claim them, and all Arizona wants to do is to send them back to him. Of course, Obama chimed in and said he was looking into the Arizona law. No one in his administration has read the law, not Holder, not Napolitano, who might be illiterate, not the fool who used it to show the Chinese that we have problems, and surely not Obama.

Where does the President of Mexico come off lecturing the state of Arizona on their laws? As the exporter of human trafficking, he needs the lecture. As the main exporter of drugs to this country, let’s discuss that. As the exporter of crime to our country, let’s discuss that. As the importer of dollars back to his country, discuss this.

If you go to Mexico illegally, you go to prison. Then your family has to bribe half of Mexico to get you back. How’s that for a law? Do you suppose the Mexican authorities are targeting Gringos to check papers? Racial profiling to collect bodies to put in jail for ransom.

Once again, our spineless President apologizes for us. Why doesn’t he move to Mexico? President Obama once again wants us to believe facts are what he says they are. He made the take the kid out for ice cream and getting arrested, which is totally false. Almost none of his criticisms of the Arizona bill are true. This President continues to spin lies. With 65% of the public in favor of the Arizona law, he’s once again taking his party down chasing umnpopular causes and spinning lies.

How much crap do we take from Mexico? We give them billions to fight their drug wars. Mexico does nothing to stop the flow of illegals into our country. Who is the so-called leader of the free world? We have Jimmy Carter dealing with foreign dignitaries again.

Obama used this as a platform to say we need immigration reform. His term for anmensty. Buying votes. He can ignore the will of the people and the majority in Arizona to buy those votes. Not to mention the billions that get sent back to Mexico by illegals and drug lords.

I wonder how Caldron and Obama will like the Arizona law when it is blessed by the courts. How will Obama deal with that. Many clauses in the bill in Arizona say they will conform to the Federal laws on immigration. To circumvent the Arizona law will Obama and Holder try to change the federal law.

It seems like Obama is on a fast track to destroy the Democratic Party. He is surrounded by incompetents like Holder and Napolitano. He continues to take the unpopular position on every issue. He is becoming a pariah to fellow Democrats. Ask Arlen Specter.

Keep up the good work, Mr. President, your successor will tell President Calderon to work on his problems in Mexico and keep his nose out of Arizona.

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