MSNBC Isn’t Buying the Joe Sestak Story

May/31/2010 14:15PM
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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough went toe-to-toe with NBC Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd, who apparently sees nothing wrong with bribing a candidate to drop out of a political race

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If MSNBC is doubting the Joe Sestak story, the story is in real trouble. No other network is as partial to Obama as MSNBC. Watching the NBC Chief White House Correspondent defend the story is like watching Nixon defend Watergate. Except, it was defending to the media, not having the media do the heavy lifting for Nixon. 

We need to get Sestak and Emanuel under oath and see what they say. 

How does Monica’s blue dress get more attention than a possible criminal act by the Obama administration? It seems to me that, ” I didn’t have sex with that woman” is a lot like Bill Clinton offered Sestak a non-paying  job on a committee to drop out of the race. Especially when the gentleman from MSNBC says the job offer was Secretary of the Navy and came from Emanuel. It may well be the first offer was from Clinton and there was a second offer from Emanuel. One that may very well have criminal implications and involve the President. 

Where are Woodward and Bernstein when we need them? I forgot, they and the rest of the media are still getting chills down their legs from Obama.

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