Michael Steele and Rex Grossman

May/16/2010 14:49PM
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What do Steele and Grossman have in common?

A few years ago the Chicago Bears made it to the Super Bowl. They had to beat the Indianapolis Colts to be the champs. Bears fans were not optimistic. The team had a great defense, Devin Hester could run back almost every punt and kickoff, but the team had a fatal flaw. The quarterback, Rex Grossman, was a below average talent.

Sure enough, Hester ran back the opening kickoff. But, as the game progressed, the Grossman showed he didn’t belong in the big show. He lost the game for the Bears. Despite good defense and Hester, the team could not overcome Grossman’s mistakes.

Right now the Republican Party seems poised to win the critical elections in November and gain a majority in Congress and stop the insanity of Obama. The polls show it, recent primary elections show it, and the scared Democrats who are just throwing in the towel show a rout is likely.

But, I for one, feel they have a big weakness at quarterback, just like the Bears. Michael Steele should not be in this job right now. He’s done more than enough to be asked to resign. He’s made mistake after mistake. Firing his financial staff is not enough. He needs to be fired if the Republicans expect to take your contributions and win that majority in November. But, under Steele they take your contributions and spend them at a strip club. Or, use them for Steele to fly around the country to promote his book.

The public is sick and tired of political correctness taken to extreme. Denial that the last 3 terrorist attacks were Muslim related makes most Americans tired of the game. Naming another elitist East Coast academic as a Supreme Court nominee is one too many. She’s the mirror image of Obama. An ivy graduate who has never done anything. Sure, we need diversity on the Supreme Court, so how about someone from Iowa or New Mexico? That would more diverse than more gender diversity from the East.

So, it the Republican Party wants to win, it’s time to change quarterbacks. Suck it up and take the shots for firing an African-American and move on.

The RNC calls my house ten times a day begging for money. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell them to stop. Michael Steele may be good at selling aluminum siding, but he’s lost me for contributions to the RNC until he’s gone and the harassment stops.

The party should be way down the road on strategy for November. Instead, they are so busy auditing Steele’s books they don’t have time. And, Steele, in unmitigated arrogance, dares the RNC to fire him. He thinks he’s Payton Manning, but he plays like Rex Grossman. Grossman is now a third string quarterback in Texas, where he should have been all along. Steele needs to be a third string lobbyist in some law firm in Washington.

Want to screw up the November elections, RNC, stay with Steele, or learn from the Bears and Grossman and hire a real quarterback. Karl Rove would be a start.

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