Diversity on the Supreme Court

May/19/2010 15:01PM
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What is your definition of diversity? Is it racial diversity, gender diversity, geographic diversity, cultural diversity, or some combination of this list? As a marketing executive, I was taught that the better your organization duplicates the marketplace, the better you will understand that marketplace.

Is it important that the Supreme Court reflect the United States? If so, how can a court comprised of only Harvard and Yale law school graduates reflect the nation? How does a court with zero Protestants reflect the nation? How does a court where the majority are from New York City reflect the nation?

When Kagan is confirmed the court will have six Catholics and three Jews. No Protestants. Took care of that little problem. For years only Protestants served on the court. Now, none do.

You thnk only Yale and Harvard Law can produce Supreme Court justices? That in itself has a built-in bias. Most attendees of these two schools are left-wing, elitist, progressive snobs who have never done anything but live in the East and inhale education. Ever have a neighbor like that, or a work associate? Can you say, absolutely no common sense, few social skills, and a detachment from real life?

This is the same issue we are dealing with in Washington. As the tea party movement is purging the Congress of incumbents we are seeing a new breed of politician emerging to replace them. People from all walks of life. No attorneys, or few. The people in America are tired of the East Coast running the country. Tired of attorneys, the spawn called beavers who dam up the streams of progress, damming up our streams of progress in Washington.

I know Obama will get a flaming left-wing liberal to replace Stevens. No one can stop that. Not until next year. But, isn’t it time we put our foot down and said get one from someplace other than Yale and Harvard. That diverstiy does extend beyond race and gender. Get someone who grew up and lived somewhere other than New York City. And, while you are at it, take a look at a Protestant, unless they come from Reverend Wright’s church.

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