Democrats are Deaf and Think we are Dumb

May/11/2010 14:27PM
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Just one week’s news and I can prove this headline.

First, we are sending $50 billion to Greece to bailout their broken economy. President Obama, hypocrite extraordinaire, lectures Greece to restrain spending. Meanwhile, the Fed is buying Euros with our tax dollars. And, AIG is issuing credit default swaps. If you remember, you own most of AIG. So, they are betting the Greek economy will recover with your money. The spreads on these swaps is going up, meaning more people are betting against AIG. Greece is putting a value added tax in place. It’s over 20%. Have you heard value added tax mentioned in this country. Oh yes, by none other than Nancy Pelosi. And, one way Greece is trying to follow Obma’s advice, none other than cutting back on their national health care, which they can’t afford. Maybe you will agree, this is dumb and dumber. The Democrats running this country are dumb and we are dumber for letting this happen. Deaf and dumb.

Today, congress announced they will put forth a number of spending bills before they recess. At the same time it was announced that tax revenues are down 9% for 2009, a near record level. Dumb and dumber.

The Department of Agriculture announced they will add several billion more in food stamp budget money for 2011.

Freddie and Fannie need and will get $20 billion more in bailout money. This will cover the losses for the first quarter. No end in sight here, the total liability may be as much as a trillion dollars. None of this is covered by the bill posed to regulate Wall Street and protect Main Street. Doesn’t sending billions to Freddie and Fannie, the real culprits of the credit crunch, hurt Main Street?

Finally, cap and tax will be re-introduced to congress this week. A bill that will add billions to Main Street’s energy bills. With no resulting economic offset.

When introducing his candidate for the Supreme Court, Ms. Kagan, Obama spoke about the fact that she could have made a lot of money and had a cushy life as a corporate attorney, but no, she chose to devote her life to service in the public arena. So, in Obama’s mind, if you work for the government you are noble, but if you work for any organization that funds your salary as a government employee, you are less than noble.

Doesn’t this say it all. President Obama is on the clock to destroy capitalism in this country, spending your tax dollars for less than noble causes and adding government jobs at a record rate.

As a topper, regulations were changed to make it easier to unionize jobs in the airline and railroad industries. The unions destroyed the auto industry, so it makes sense to turn them loose on the airlines and railroads.

What a week. Dumb and dumber. Which are you?

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