Blatant Media Bias

May/04/2010 6:39AM
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If you think there is not a liberal media bias in this country, pay attention to the reporting of AZ Bill 1070, the bill that make illegal, illegal. Seventy percent of the population of Arizona approves the bill. A majority of the people in the United State approve of the bill. The Rasmussen poll says 50% and even a liberal poll(Gallup) gives a slight majority to those is favor. If public opinion means anything, one would presume the national and local media would give credence to the popularity of the bill and even their dirty little liberal hearts would give way to journalistic objectivity and present both side of the issue.

Local media devotes a minimum of 90% of their coverage to those against the bill. Generally, at the end of 10 minutes of Linda Ronstadt and Sharika protesting and students protesting and boycotts of business and Sharpton coming to AZ, they do say, the majority of Arizonans favor the bill. A 10 second sound bite. National news is ever worst.

Now, as many as eleven states are in the process of passing something akin to the Arizona bill. Still, the media rails on about the injustices of the bill. The different factions suing to have it thrown out in court. Suddenly, the President seems to stepping back from his initial criticism of the bill. He people must be reading the polls.

This is a replay of Obamacare. Even after hammering the public for months with favorable treatment of the bill, the media failed to get a majority of the public to favor the bill.

It must be very frustrating for the liberal media to see their inability to sway pubic opinion. Such power, a liberal media making America a liberal country. Pounding issues to get their agenda sold. The founder of CNN said this week the network has become a joke. Guess the public agrees, since no one watches it anymore.

I truly believe the country is not listening to the media anymore. They are talking to themselves and their fellow liberal followers. The majority of the public are beginning to view them like congress. Wonder what the approval rating of the various media outlets are today?

This spells financial disaster for many of them. Tuned out and turned off, they are bleeding red ink.

The war in Afghanistan has turned for the worse. The Taliban is establishing strongholds in areas where they had been beaten. When Bush was president, the war in Iraq was headline new every night. Until the surge worked and it grew quiet again. With Obama president, the bad news in Afghanistan is no news. How does that work? Who decides to gag the news?

I am truly heartened to see so many Americans becoming aware that the can’t trust mainstream media, national or local to deliver news. They deliver their ideology with some news sprinkled in to give it flavor.

Despite all the efforts by the media the Arizona problem is not going away. The majority of Americans want something done about illegal aliens. Notice I did not use the politically correct term immigrants. And, the folks in Washington are about to deliver the same thing the media is trying to sell. Something the public is not going to buy.

This problem is not going away. The media can’t push it aside. Al Sharpton and Sharika can’t and the ACLU can’t. Obama can’t, nor can congress. The groundswell from what Arizona has done is rolling across the country. Enough is enough, and we have had enough.

Enforce out laws and protect our border, that’s what we hired you to do.

As for you media types, there will always be new jobs for you when the illegals are send home, so don’t despair when you paper, local news show, or national new show shuts downs or changes format.

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