Another One Bites the Dust

May/13/2010 15:18PM
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Congressman Alan Mollohan, a 28-year Democratic Congressman from West Virginia lost his primary election on Tuesday. State Senator, Mike Oliverio, got 56% of the vote to take Mollohan down.

Obviously, after 28 years in the House, Mollohan was top dog in several powerful committees. He was a bring home the bacon guy. Earmarks and pork kept him in the house for all these years. This year, it didn’t help. Voters in West Virginia would not forgive him for voting for health care reform.

In November, Oliverio will face off with Republican, David McKinley, and he will lose. Sparing Mollohan the indignity of losing to a Republican. One of Oliverio’s campaign platforms was to oust Nancy Pelosi. If he could have run to oust Obama, he would have gotten 70% of the vote.

My prediction, very few who voted for health care reform, bailouts, or other huge spending sprees lately will win in November. Democrat or Republican, most of you are already toast.

Suddenly, too late, it may be dawning on Washington that a 12% approval rating will show up at the polls in November. Gee, what a revelation. In the past if you brought home the bacon, like Mollohan, it was enough. Not now. America is angry and disgusted with all of you. Still, today, Lieberman and Kerry introduced cap and trade to the senate. Guess they missed a meeting about what happened to Mollohan.

What will it take to get through to Washington? New Jersey and Virginia didn’t. Massachusetts didn’t. Charlie Crist didn’t. Stupak, Dodd, and other Democrats who bailed already didn’t. Bob Bennett in Utah didn’t. Mollohan won’t.

Until the dust settles in November, they will go along on their merry way and ignore you, your anger, and your disgust with all of them.

In the end, after trying to improve performance with an under-performing employee, firing is the only answer. Washington is grossly under performing. Time to fire them all.

Don’t worry, it will be humane. They will get jobs as lobbyists. They will have a much better retirement plan than most of us. They will have a great medical plan, even after health care reform. They’ll be fine.

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