The Price to Buy A President

April/21/2010 15:49PM
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Andy Stern is stepping down as the president of the SEIU. Perhaps Mr. Stern is looking for bigger and better things in the reality that his man Obama may be a one-termer.
For a piddling $85 million in campaign money to Obama and the pledge to get most of the 1.8 members of the SEIU and the goon squad from ACRON to support Obama, Stern is the #2 man in Washington. Meeting with the President over 30 times one-on-one since Obama became our dictator.

Gee, I wonder how many Americans are aligned with the Tea Party movement? Probably far more than 1.8 million. I wonder how much they might put up in campaign money to get Stern’s man unelected? But, most of all I wonder what Stern will get next?

A plumb lobbying job with a Washington law firm? What would you need to pay a lobbyist who has unlimited access to the President? A bigger job over a large group of unions? A cabinet position?

Here’s what Stern has delivered so far. A health care reform bill that will double the workforce potential for the SEIU. Two of his top people with high jobs in the administration. A stimulus bill which he promised a month after the Obama election. Help for the auto industry with the UAW coming out on top of the bankers and the retired white collar workers. And, a little obscure rule that came out this week. Federal contractors must be union shops. Only 15% of the nations construction workers are union. That leaves 85% out of the loop. It also means costs will be higher on all projects spreading federal money thinner and doing fewer projects.

According to the WSJ, estimates say it’s 12-14% higher than non-union. That may not take into consideration the amount of money the administration is throwing around and the small number of union shops to do the work. Can you say, “bid rigging”, if you can’t you’re not from Chicago.

Isn’t it wonderful to see how much you can get for $85 million when you set out to buy a certain potential president and then he gets elected. Oh, by the way, Stern leaves the SEIU $85 million in debt. Guess the books are yet to be balanced. But, Andy may fix that on his next job. Somehow you just know President Obama will help the SEIU with that little problem. Or, maybe the construction unions will kick in a little of their new-found wealth.

Makes you proud to be an American.

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