Terminating Michael Steele

April/01/2010 16:35PM
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Here’s the opportunity for the Republican Party to show the Tea Party supporters that they get it. Immediately, if not sooner, the party needs to fire Steele. He was put in the job to offset Obama. A photogenic, African American, Steele was Republican diversity at work. Diversity isn’t working.

Last week, when asked if the party can re-take the Congress in the fall, Steele’s answer was, ” I don’t really know.” So when the coach is asked if the team can win on Sunday, the coach says,”I don’t really know.” Time for a new coach.

I will not give another dime to the RNC as long as Steele is running the party. It’s not just the money his minions spent in a strip club to watch a woman with a bit in her mouth being strapped to the wall by another woman. Great material for Leno and Letterman. It’s the millions Steele has gone through for his boondoggles,RNC money he has used to promote his own book, and his total mismanagement. Might as well have Obama running the RNC, there is no fiscal responsibility. When he took it over the RNC had a $23 million surplus. He has raised $10 million less and spent $10 million more than the party did in 2005. In January the RNC spent $9 million, most of it on a meeting in Hawaii. So, he has taken in $10 million and spent $9 on a meeting. The amount donated reflects the fact than many of us know this man is an idiot and choose not to give him our dollars to him to spend on private jets, limos and fancy hotels.

At a time when anger at Democrats is running at an all time high, this man can create enough anger at him to keep the RNC from benefiting from the anger at Democrats. Quite a feat, Mr. Steele.

No one has fired a chairman before. It takes 16 states to call a meeting with a vote by two thirds of the committee to do it.

This is the litmus test for Republicans. Do they have the stones to fire this man? If they don’t they are telling us it is business as usual with the Republican Party. If that’s the case, they will not retake the Congress in the fall. As many incumbent Republicans will voted out as Democrats. Non-affiliated Tea Party candidates will take out some more Republicans.

Meanwhile the gutless committee members of the RNC will still be looking for ways to get Steele to resign. Why would he, he’s getting $20,000 a pop for speaking fees, using RNC money to travel to speak, giving his minions perks like dropping a few thou at a strip club to watch lesbians beat each other up, and living high on the contributions you make to the RNC. Probably putting in a hard 10 hour workweek too.

If the party is serious about the fall elections, they had better put a Carl Rove in the driver’s seat and put Steele out to pasture. Failure to do so will be a death blow to the Republican Party.

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