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April/25/2010 16:34PM
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I began to grow very concerned about this country before there was a Tea Party. Go to my prior blog, Grandparents of America Awaken and you can see and read these concerns that started before the meltdown. My first entry was dated January 26,2008. There has been an entry every day since. .

My wife and I attended the Tea Party in Phoenix on 4-15-09. The crowd estimate was 8-10 thousand. No local TV coverage, one small article in the Arizona Republic, a far-left paper fast growing broke. Last week a small group of protesters were protesting the bill before the Governor to make Arizona the toughest state in the union on illegal aliens. Extensive TV coverage and big coverage in the Republic. Nationally, on 4-15-09 there were several hundred tea parties. Very little national TV or big media newspaper coverage. Obama ignored the events, said he didn’t notice.

Again this year on 4-15-10 more tea parties, more attendees. Obama said he was amused. There was more media coverage this year at both the local and national levels.

Be amused about these statistics, Mr. President. According to a USA Today/Gallup Poll of 1,033 adults nationwide conducted between March 26-28, there is not much amusement for the Obamaites.

The poll showed 28% of those responding were supporters of the movement. Get this, only 26% were opposed. That left 38% with neither support nor opposition, and 8% with no opinion. These are amazing statistics. With almost zero media coverage for over a year, a grass-roots movement can show this progress.

Here’s the biased poll taken by CBS News and the NY Times. You would expect this poll, taken between April 5-12 of 1,580 adults to be done in minority metro markets. What two group would be more likely to spin data than these two?

Their poll showed one in five support the tea party. Supporters are better-educated than non-supporters. They tend to be white, male, Republican, over 45, and are angrier about the country’s direction and more worried about spending. They believe Obama is a bad leader and his policies are moving the country toward socialism. That was 96% of the supporters who believed that.

So much for the bubba factor. So much for Pelosi’s astro turf theory.

Here’s my one-person survey of the opponents to the tea party. Since 49% of Americans don’t pay any income taxes, it is amazing that there were only 26% opposed. When you consider Americans on the dole, Hollywood,the politically brain dead, incarcerated, illegal, unionized, those paid to pander liberalism to students at universities, and the life-long died in the wool liberals, it is truly amazing the tea party has such a high level of support.

Most reports of these statistics will accompany an opinion by some so-called expert that the momentum can’t continue. Without an organization, leadership, and money, it will die quickly.

I’m no expert, but I believe while Obama is in office, the tea party will continue to grow. More of those 38% with neither support nor opposition will swing to support.

The November elections will make Obama a lame duck one-term president, largely due to the tea party movement. Then, I will be amused.

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