Read My Lips, it’s the Spending Stupid

April/26/2010 16:07PM
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As tax day came and went this year those of us who actually pay taxes faced the lines at the post office. Most Americans do not want to give the government one extra day with their hard earned money. There were the usual media stories about the people who really feel good about paying their taxes. Patriotic duty, they say. Then some who disparage the tea party protesters saying they want to pay zero taxes but still want social security and medicare. Then we get to see that President Obama earned $5 million last year. A man, without politics, who might have been a mid-level corporate attorney making $200 grand a year. All little heartfelt tax stories.

John McCain is in a dogfight in the primary in Arizona with J.D. Hayworth. On tax day I heard McCain’s campaign ad on the radio. McCain’s claim to fame, per McCain, is his hard line against earmarks. Isn’t it appropriate that Obama lite, McCain, would insult my intelligence by suggesting to me that I don’t realize that all the earmarks in 2010 will be a decimal point in the Federal Budget. Typically, McCain doesn’t want to commit to doing anything politicallly worthwhile. Why should he, he never has.

All of the tax chatter really misses the point. It’s more about how the tax money gets spent than the amount. I have written many times about the DOE. The Department of Energy. Chartered to reduce dependence on foreign oil, it has morphed into, from almost day one, a huge advocacy for environmental fads. Since it’s inception, the tab has been almost a trillion dollars with zero results. If you want to show me you understand my tax issues, pledge to close down the DOE, day one. Get after the other huge pieces that don’t work. Homeland Security was put together to aid the other 40 branches that do that work. Shut it down and let the other forty do their work. Fire anyone who doesn’t communicate across departments. Shut down NASA. Can’t afford it any more. I played 18 holes of golf with Neil Armstrong many years ago. A nicer, more modest man, I’ve never met. But, sorry, Neil, we know you disagree, but we can’t afford it any more.

Anyone who tells you there isn’t billions in waste in the federal budget is a politician or a liar.

Cut pensions, cut salaries, cut benefits, cut workers, do what the private sector has been doing for three years.

But, not John McCain, he wants to cut a few earmarks. Don’t get it do you John, the voters are smarter than you these days. Say goodbye to Washington, John, you had your time,. now it’s someone else’s turn. Someone who might not only cut earmarks but eliminate the DOE.

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