Obama’s Big Budget Cut

April/23/2010 16:33PM
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Sometimes you need a visual demonstration of political chicanery.  A few weeks ago Obama announced he would find a way to cut the budget by $100 million. Seems like a big number to we mere mortals. To put this in perspective, a college student put together a brilliant visual example. For Obama to hold a press conference to tell us about his massive $100 million cut is an insult to all Americans. We have bought this crap from politicians for years. Some of us are getting much smarter.  After watching this, I’m sure you will agree. 


John Mc Cain is running on a platform that says he is against earmarks. That’s John’s big promise to the voters of Arizona. In the video example, above, that would five pennies. 

These clowns, Democrat and Republican alike don’t get it. The Tea Party wants real cuts. Some of the states are finding what real cuts mean. Government jobs must go away. Obama wants to control Wall Street with a huge new government bureaucracy. Thousands of new government jobs to protect the little guy. Not one mention  in the 1,100 page bill about Freddie and Fannie. To admit they are a problem, the key problem that caused the housing meltdown, would embarrass the author of the bill, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Dick Durbin, and Senator Obama, who voted to loosen up Freddie and Fannie. It will still take $500 billion to fix Freddie and Fannie. 

So, lets see. To put Dodd’s bill into action, you will need to toss in a few hundred pennies to cover the cost to government. To fix Freddie and Fannie lots of pennies. Health care reform will require lots of pennies. Extending unemployment benefits, just approved, lots of pennies. Another $30 billion to green schools, lots of pennies.  All of these pennies will come from the right side of the example, the side we borrow. 

Why am I worried about the futures of my kids and grand kids? Look at the pennies going in and the pennies coming out and you can plainly see.

The inmates are running the asylum and we can’t stop them. Until, November at the earliest. 

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