Obama is Stripping America of our Pride

April/05/2010 16:11PM
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Obama is doing many things most of us don’t like. Mortgaging the futures of our kids and grand kids. Making the government the major institution in the country. Turning us into France.  A Socialist country with all things good and bad, mostly bad, coming from Washington. 

An inept President and Congress, a group that has proven they can’t run anything, trying to run everything. 

But, worst of all, Obama is stripping America of our national pride and patriotism. It is painfully obvious that the troops have little, if any, regard for their Commander and Chief. Taking weeks to make a decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. Going around the world, and telling countries with little national pride, that he is sorry for the sacrifices our troops have made in the past. Taking credit, though Biden, for the success in Iraq when he voted against the surge. 

Ronald Reagan, upon taking office, reminded the country of our greatness. He erased the lost pride Carter had given us from the Iran Embassy issue and his other efforts to strip us of that hard-earned pride we gained through the years. It worked. Reagan felt the pride and communicated it to the people. 

With Obama, we now understand what his wife meant when she said “for the first time in my life I am proud of America.” I guess , that new pride she was feeling is apparent now.  She was proud because she thought we were about to embrace Socialism and turn our backs on our historical acievements. Electing an African America president would have been a very good thing for the country, but the African American should have been Condoleezza Rice, not Barack Obama. 

While we endure Obama, we need to work on ignoring him when it comes to patriotism and pride. 

For a start watch this video. It will get you back on track and help you to really understand what this man is dong to this country. 




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